Who Holds the Keys to the Castle?

Having the domain level admin password to your network is like the skeleton key to your castle.  It opens so many doors.  And that’s just one of key credentials needed to manage today’s complex technology systems.   Every key piece of equipment has an admin login, every service account like O365, web hosting, and cloud service has one and if you’re server room is locked (which it should be) there might be a code to that.

Keeping track of passwords is hard enough.   But what happens if the person or persons who have them are suddenly gone or not available.  I’ve been in the situation of trying to get admin rights to an account or service enough to know it’s a major pain and can take a lot of time.  And time is one thing which we never seem to have enough of.

As IT professionals sometimes, it falls on us to start that conversation.  They will appreciate you for it.  But ultimately, it’s management’s responsibility.  Don’t be left on the wrong side of the draw bridge.  Be sure you have your own set of keys to the castle or you may find yourself with a very wide mot between you and your data.


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