What are the Great Jobs?

What is a great job?  Is it a big salary, a big office, great benefits or interesting and challenging work?  Only you will know if you have a great job.  Everyone’s definition is obviously different.  But salary always factors in somewhere.   See what Robert Half says about IT salaries in their Technology 2016 Salary Guide (https://www.roberthalf.com/sites/default/files/Media_Root/images/rht-pdfs/robert_half_technology_2016_salary_guide.pdf ).

As with anyone’s report on where the jobs are and how much they pay, it’s all a bit subjective based on job descriptions and location.  Be sure to go through the Glossary of Job Descriptions section before comparing your salary to their report.  Don’t forget to adjust for geographical locations.  Louisville is 92.0% of the salary listing and Lexington is 91.5%.

According to Robert Half new jobs will be for developers, business analysts, database admins, network engineers and admins with virtualization skills and help desk support techs.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker currently holds 10 different jobs before age forty.  Personally I’m beyond that age and beyond that number though only 4 of my jobs were in IT.

How many have you held? How many more are in your future?  As IT professional will we have more than other professions?  I wonder if Robert Half has those statistics.

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