Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Make sure your recovery plan is adequate, because without one, no business can survive. Disaster recovery is more than being prepared for security breaches or technology failures. And business continuity is more than just the right backup solution.

As a small business executive, you know this better than anyone: Business must go on. Planning and implementing the right technology can ensure that your business continues when the unfortunate happens.

Many business owners and managers know to ask about backup capabilities. We provide customized backup solutions, of course, but we always advise clients to think one step beyond. A single data backup does not allow quick, efficient restoration after an emergency. Daugherty Technology Consulting help small businesses design an effective plan to ensure the company recovers after a breach, server crash, or worse. We will help you build your team, define roles, and document your plan. Then, we increase the value and reliability of your disaster recovery/business continuity plan by offering annual reviews and testing procedures.

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