Independent IT Assessment

Technology gets more and more complicated every day.  And it’s only going to start moving faster and faster.  Keeping up is constant struggle for IT professionals to keep up.  As a business owner your know your business but have to trust your IT professional to manage that all important part.   You also trust your accounting staff to do your books, pay your invoices, bill your clients.

While it’s common place to have someone outside your firm to review or audit your company’s books, it’s not common place to have someone review or audit your technology.   But it’s a great idea to have it done.

In my previous position as the IT Director of a 75-person CPA firm we had this done a couple of times.  Initially the owners’ pushback was “why do we need this, we trust IT” and IT’s pushback was that they didn’t like someone looking over their shoulder.  The result was the business owners agreed to implement all of the projects IT had been asking for but couldn’t get approval for simply because an outside expert recommended them.  Interesting.

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