Does your document retention plan include your digital data?

If you have a document retention plan you probably focused on the paper files.  Even with all the hype about the “cloud” most firms still have a lot of paper.  And surprisingly most firms don’t take into account all the digital data they have.

Firms keep documents (paper or digital) because someone says they must or because they may need it in the future.  A good retention plan considers when you don’t want to keep those documents.  Usually because they can get drag you into a lawsuit.

But does your plan take into account the digital copies of that data?  It can be difficult to figure out where they are.  They are included in your backups and your application data files.  These are often over looked when considering a retention plan.  You may be violating your own plan.  And that will cause problems if you’re dragged into a lawsuit.  If you have a written plan, and you probably should, you have to do it right.

Ask yourself, where is your data? And does it fit your retention policy?

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  • GreggHette October 10, 2019 @ 9:17 am

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    • Bob Daugherty April 16, 2020 @ 2:59 pm

      thanks, I had to use Google Translate to know what you wrote. “Good article”

      Спасибо, мне пришлось использовать Google Translate, чтобы узнать, что вы написали

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      thanks for your comments, alway nice to hear. The Theme is FinancePro in WordPress.

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