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About Daugherty Technology Consulting

Most small to mid-size companies struggle to find reliable, affordable, and qualified I.T. help. No single I.T. technician has all the required skills suitable to meet the communications, data, processing, storage, and security needs of a company that relies on technology. Few businesses can afford to hire, train, and retain a full I.T. department. Daugherty Technology Consulting was founded to provide I.T. services to smaller companies that have a small in-house staff (or none at all) and that are underserved by technology consultants focused on larger, corporate clients.

We all know technology grows more complex every day. At Daugherty Technology Consulting, our goal is to let you focus on your business while we support the technology that drives it. We strive to give small to medium size firms the technological advantages that large firms have.

Daugherty Technology Consulting is led by principal Bob Daugherty, who personally oversees a consultation team of technicians, engineers, and business partners servicing the firm’s clients.

Bob Daugherty is a trusted advisor to dozens of CEOs. With more than 30 years in the technology industry, Bob specializes in working with executives at companies that rely on technology as a competitive advantage. He has earned multiple degrees and I.T. certifications and has a passion to help clients run their business better with the right technology choices.

Bob regularly speaks to industry organizations and local business and financial groups about technical issues. His focus areas include data and network security, backup solutions, and business continuity planning. He is also an engaging thought leader on emerging technology updates and new gadgets.

Years of working in the CPA industry taught me the perfect model for I.T. services: Become the trusted advisor by understanding your client’s business goals. Offer the right services, performed by the right professionals. Create that win-win scenario by doing the right thing.

Find the right solution; hire the right people. That’s the Daugherty way.

Daugherty Technology Consulting offers a full spectrum of services to small and mid-size businesses. Finding different service providers to build, maintain, and repair your company’s technology infrastructure is a headache. We make it easier by providing all standard technology services including infrastructure, backup solutions and disaster recovery, network discovery and security reviews, compliance, retention policy, and computer training. Daugherty Technology Consulting offers a suite of project management, software analysis, and vendor management services. As a longtime director for CPA firms, Bob Daugherty also consults on financial software, specializing in QuickBooks.

Wonder where your business stands? Not sure whether technology is giving you an advantage or holding you back? Worried that you’re falling behind? Ask about Daugherty Technology Consulting’s one-time and annual I.T. assessments. This proprietary audit will provide a baseline of your technology strengths and weaknesses. It will compare your capabilities to industry standards and best practices, so you have a better idea how the competition is doing. And your company’s in-depth assessment will identify discrepancies and misalignments in your I.T. setup.

Daugherty Technology Consulting is dedicated to helping the small to midsize firm have the same technical advantages that large firms have. Our typical client has a hard-working staff of five to 25 employees. We work independently, or alongside your in-house I.T. staff if you have one. We also have consulting services designed specifically for sole proprietorships.

New clients have many options. For project work, we implement the right solution for your specific challenge, complete with integration services and training. If your company needs an ongoing, dedicated I.T. support staff, we offer annual managed I.T. service contracts. Instead of investing your time trying to solve technical issues (or learning to live with broken or inefficient tools), a phone call or email is all it takes when you engage Daugherty Technology Consultants as your managed I.T. provider.

All services from Daugherty Technology Consulting begin with a free consultation. We then map out the project scope, identifying deliverables and timeframes. You can feel more confident that our service level agreements are tailored to your specific needs.